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The New Denny Towers!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 18:13 by robbi

Really exciting news here at Denny Towers – we are moving!!  Yup, the house has been sold (closing next week) and we have bought a new place in beautiful North Carolina! 

We couldn’t be happier except for all of the exhausting packing/selling/purging nonsense that goes along with moving (and having lived in one place for 7 years!)

The Pugs are decidedly confused.  Munchkin is an old pro at this moving malarkey, so she’s not bothered; but the pugs definitely have no idea what is happening.  We have sold most of the furniture so they are a bit concerned that every time someone comes to the house we seem to have things go missing.  Though they seem rather happy about the mattress on the floor (makes going to bed and getting up much easier for them – though MUCH more difficult for us gangly humans.)

They have no idea how much planning and plotting has gone into this move.  And they have absolutely no idea how much their quality of life is going to improve very shortly!  We are thrilled to be moving to an area with 4 – count them, FOUR – seasons!  That means less oppressive heat & humidity in the summer; a shorter summer and a lot more outside-time for the doggers.  We have bought a home with a decent plot of land, so there will also be a ginormous yard for the kidders to run around in.  And a lovely screened porch for mornings and evenings to spend laying about without being munched on by bugs (humans too!)

All in all we are so pleased that we are finally making the move we have been working towards for so long now.  We will miss our friends here in Texas (both pug and people) but we know this is the right move for us.

Stay tuned for details and updates on our move and new home!

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