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No more road trips! Please!

Thursday, 16 May 2013 15:39 by Denny

What a ride that was.   We never knew why Daddy and Momma were leaving us with our best friend Cindy for 10+ days last year and this year – but we found out on the 1st May 2013.   Another road trip….to our new home here in North Carolina.

I’m done with all that travelling now, what with visiting most of the UK with Daddy when we lived over there and then the Sea and Road tip across the Atlantic to Texas back in 2007 – I’m done with it – really, no more.  Please!

We now live in a wonderful place, somewhere where I can roam around in my cart while Charlie, Phoebe, Maggie and Stewpot can run and bark to their hearts content.    We don’t need to keep looking now, we have found the perfect place.  This is it.

I have a nice private office where just me and Daddy spend the day too.   He starts work at 8am and I spend the whole day with him upstairs away from the hooligans. 


I’ll write more soon.   Just wanted to say hello.


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Taking it back!

Monday, 23 March 2009 12:18 by Denny


It's been a long time coming, but the day has come where we pugs are back in charge. Myself, Charlie, Phoebe and Maggie have spent the past few weeks planning this and finally this morning we took back

Don't get me wrong, we appreciate that Richard and Robbi needed somewhere to write about the daily goings on and the trouble and strife of moving to the USA, but this site is mine (well it was until the others came along). Anyway, we've changed the passwords, rerouted ip-addresses and locked down the database and is back in control of the Pugs!

So, what can you expect in the coming days, weeks, months and, yes dammit, years!? The fun is coming back for one. No more Hurricane this and Visa that - everything you read on will be written by pugs, about pugs and concerning pugs! Of course we may have to keep you informed with the goings on and Denny and Charlie Towers (with the newly built Phoebe and Maggie Annex - and the Munchkin the cat boat dock) but those stories will be kept to a minimum. We may even let Richard and Robbi contribute, but they will undergo the scrutiny of our copy editor Maggie before we even let them near the server this time.

Another thing, the cameras are coming back too! And we may even add a couple more just for the sake of it! If I can route the cables (my paws are not designed for crimping cat-5).

Anyway, watch this space! The PUGS are back!



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