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Wednesday, 22 July 2009 17:16 by Maggie

Miss Maggie here again. Well, I’m just plain embarrassed to even put my paws to keyboard on this blog. And aggravated.

You see, we had all these big plans for this blog and those darned humans had to go and mess it all up. I don’t completely understand it all but it had something to do with “network security” – whatever the heck that is. I declare, sometimes the words that come out of Richard’s mouth make my head hurt. And they wonder why my head tilts when they talk!!

Anyway, the gist of it is he did something that changed the way everything worked and poor ‘ol Denny just didn’t know how to get back on here. It took him forever (as you can see) to get us back to this point. And just to rub salt in the wound, these new changes mean that the webcams are no longer “compatible” with the network. I’m not sure about the details but I know that means that right now there is NO webcam!


Guess I’ll just have to wait to be able to show you live shots of my new boyfriend!

Maggies Boyfriend

Miss Maggie here

Tuesday, 24 March 2009 18:11 by Maggie


Miss Maggie here. As the duly appointed Copy Editor (which I believe to be an error, as it should read Editor-In-Chief but we’ll address that later) I feel it my duty to inform everyone of the progress of our website takeover revamp.

I tell you, it has taken quite some doing to get this process started! I declare, I have been working on Denny for simply ages trying to get him motivated. Of course now he believes it’s his idea and as we ladies know, sometimes it’s best to let the menfolk think they’re really in charge. Charles is absolutely no help in this process at all. I know he’s only 3 ½ but sometimes that boy acts more like a 2 year old! The attention span of a gnat, I tell ya. Then there’s Phoebe. A darling girl but she has a one track mind. If she gets a ball or a stuffed toy near her, she’s gone. Richard and Robbi seem to feed into her obsession which doesn’t help at all. But that’s another story.

Meantime, as you can see we’ve taken over the writing for the website (there’s some nifty software out there that makes it Pug-friendly to write nowadays) but we haven’t yet managed to get the webcam up and running. Lack of opposable thumbs is really to blame there, I suppose. But we’re working on it as best as we can and hope to have a little peek into our world available shortly.

Stay tuned – it’s about to get really interesting around here!


Miss Maggie

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