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A Week Away

Thursday, 29 March 2012 18:43 by robbi

We’re back!  We took a few days off and headed out of state for some much-needed R&R.  We spent a glorious week in beautiful North Carolina, one of my favourite states. 

Falls Lake

It was lovely and we hated to leave, but by the end of the trip we missed our furkids so badly that we were anxious to be home.  Without question, our first night back was the best night’s sleep either one of us had all week.  It was lovely to be in our own bed, covered by snoring pugs.  Even Munch made a point to hop up on the bed for a bit.  Heaven!

Undoubtedly, one of the things that allowed us to relax and enjoy ourselves was knowing that our furkids were being well looked after back here.  We never board our guys – Denny has only ever slept in a kennel when we made the crossing on the Queen Mary.  Instead we have family or friends come house-sit/pug-sit.  It’s a lot to ask someone, but we are fortunate enough to have the perfect people to help us out.  Richard’s parents watched the house & kids last year when we took a trip.  But usually it’s our good friend Auntie Cindy who looks after the brood.  She loves these guys and they absolutely adore her! 

Thankfully she also has the patience of a saint to put up with my 2-page (single spacing) set of instructions for the care of our guys.  I don’t think I’ve bothered to tell her where the fuse box or fire extinguisher for the house is, but I’ve detailed each animals food, supplements, medications and elimination regime.  I’ve also spelled out idiosyncrasies in their behavior & routine so that she is aware that Denny likes to sit on the sofa arm to watch telly at night and Maggie hides in a donut bed under Richard’s desk during thunderstorms. 

Lord only knows what she thinks when she starts reading these things!  But she says she doesn’t mind at all and manages to not roll her eyes at me whilst I’m standing there, so I don’t feel so silly.  Meanwhile, every time we go away we are satisfied that they are in the best possible hands. And every time we come home the furkids are healthy and happy.  We are very lucky indeed!

Miss Maggie here

Tuesday, 24 March 2009 18:11 by Maggie


Miss Maggie here. As the duly appointed Copy Editor (which I believe to be an error, as it should read Editor-In-Chief but we’ll address that later) I feel it my duty to inform everyone of the progress of our website takeover revamp.

I tell you, it has taken quite some doing to get this process started! I declare, I have been working on Denny for simply ages trying to get him motivated. Of course now he believes it’s his idea and as we ladies know, sometimes it’s best to let the menfolk think they’re really in charge. Charles is absolutely no help in this process at all. I know he’s only 3 ½ but sometimes that boy acts more like a 2 year old! The attention span of a gnat, I tell ya. Then there’s Phoebe. A darling girl but she has a one track mind. If she gets a ball or a stuffed toy near her, she’s gone. Richard and Robbi seem to feed into her obsession which doesn’t help at all. But that’s another story.

Meantime, as you can see we’ve taken over the writing for the website (there’s some nifty software out there that makes it Pug-friendly to write nowadays) but we haven’t yet managed to get the webcam up and running. Lack of opposable thumbs is really to blame there, I suppose. But we’re working on it as best as we can and hope to have a little peek into our world available shortly.

Stay tuned – it’s about to get really interesting around here!


Miss Maggie

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Taking it back!

Monday, 23 March 2009 12:18 by Denny


It's been a long time coming, but the day has come where we pugs are back in charge. Myself, Charlie, Phoebe and Maggie have spent the past few weeks planning this and finally this morning we took back

Don't get me wrong, we appreciate that Richard and Robbi needed somewhere to write about the daily goings on and the trouble and strife of moving to the USA, but this site is mine (well it was until the others came along). Anyway, we've changed the passwords, rerouted ip-addresses and locked down the database and is back in control of the Pugs!

So, what can you expect in the coming days, weeks, months and, yes dammit, years!? The fun is coming back for one. No more Hurricane this and Visa that - everything you read on will be written by pugs, about pugs and concerning pugs! Of course we may have to keep you informed with the goings on and Denny and Charlie Towers (with the newly built Phoebe and Maggie Annex - and the Munchkin the cat boat dock) but those stories will be kept to a minimum. We may even let Richard and Robbi contribute, but they will undergo the scrutiny of our copy editor Maggie before we even let them near the server this time.

Another thing, the cameras are coming back too! And we may even add a couple more just for the sake of it! If I can route the cables (my paws are not designed for crimping cat-5).

Anyway, watch this space! The PUGS are back!



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Devil In Disguise

Friday, 6 March 2009 16:46 by robbi

I certainly don’t want to encourage them to beg, but it’s awfully difficult to refuse them when they look this cute:


I mean, how can I resist those faces???? They’re just too darned cute!