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Phoebe’s 4th Birthday

Wednesday, 14 January 2009 16:12 by robbi

Yes, our little Phoebe turned 4! Pretty good, especially considering she was scheduled for euthanasia at age 2 due to her recurring UTIs. NOW who has the last laugh? Our healthy, happy, hyper little Phoebe-Lou-Who!


She’s so funny, she’s really got the knack of opening the presents! All I have to do is hold the present still and she’ll take care of ripping the paper to shreds.

It's For ME!

Of course there HAD to be a squeaky ball…


But wait, Phebes, there’s more! You can play with that later. First you have to open the other presents.

Want it...NOW!

Like the squeaky stuffed animal…


and the bouncy balls…

 Hurry Up So I Can Play!

Oooh…and there’s something that smells good in here…

I Smell...



Yep, all for you baby. You deserve it. Happy birthday Phoebe!


Mummy, Daddy & your furry siblings